The Toprock Gemstone and Mineral shop and Museum is owned by Nick and Nicole May and houses the largest private collection of gemstones and fossils in South Africa.
Nick has all sorts of permanent and loose arrangements with hundreds of small Artisanal miners, Lapidary set ups and Mines all over Africa and Madagascar which supplies him with regular shipments of stones and fossils.
Nick is an avid Mineralogist and Paleoanthropologist and has been collecting gemstones and fossils since his early childhood. His wife, Nicole, is a nature lover, artist and a dynamic business person,
Nick informs us that: "We stock the widest variety of African stones on the continent. Fact. We are constantly on the look-out for the new and unusual, the rare and beautiful. There is always a mixture of different types of items being uploaded onto the website to keep it interesting, along with a regular amount of items that we know that you can do well with as a retail or wholesale outlet. Sometimes we get bulk of selected stock but we also have regular amounts of 'One Offs' and small batches of rare items continuously coming in and out. There is also a section on the website now for selling batches of goods as they arrive, so you have the option of buying the whole lot/pockets /batch /production before we split it up into smaller lots, making this "wholesale" lots for wholesalers. We do our best to keep it interesting and exciting whenever possible."
Toprock is open to the public over weekends and on public holidays. There is no entrance charge.

How to get there:

Take the exit 69 off the N3 highway at Ashburton – turn right towards Ashburton East – pass the Ashburton Training Centre on your left – pass the Ashburton Quarry on your right – take the left-hand fork at the end of the tarmac road and travel along District Road 585 for approximately 0.4 km – the Rocky Wonder Aloe Nursery entrance road is on your right. 

Contact Nick or Nicole at Toprock

Telephone: 033 326 1562 FAX: 086 603 6817